About - Vincent Truchet Underwater photographer

"In the underwater sphere, many divers are reaching the time for photography and underwater video, opting for one of the different variants and specificities.

Some fans go even further and want to do their job, but for that, beyond this flame, it is the challenge of a lifetime. Often they have to slam everything to (re) start from nothing with the obligation to curling excellence for make us dreaming and potentially earn a living.

We all have our favorites and we happen sometimes fall in love with some shots whose moods instantly transport us into their world of water. I must follow some because their work are out of the ordinary and match my dreams of diver.

Among them, I made the acquaintance of a "specimen" of a new generation. Surfer look with a humility distinguishable at first contact, Vincent TRUCHET entered discreetly in the world of adults through atomic images!

These photographs of outstanding quality immerse us alongside these marine animals as rarely can be seen.

There are for example only observe some shark shots approached by Vincent to experience a true moment of quietude. Quite confusing faces to faces, and that, within inches of the surface.

A (new) undeniable talent is here, and I wanted to share the work of this rocket."

Stéphane Urbinati.


- Lindblad Expédition & National Geographic 2017

- Canon camera brand. Advertising August 2015 "Wildlife as canon sees it"

- Breitling. New "Superocean" watch advertising 2015

- Manufacture de haute horlogerie Blancpain. Fakarava diving expérience  

- Calendar 2015 BBC wildlife

- Published: Blancpain fifty fathoms edition 2016, Le Figaro Magazine, Terre sauvage, Paris match, Wapiti, Le Monde, Plongeurs International, PLONGEZ!Blancpain fifty fathoms edition 2014, Ez dive magScuba diver Ocean planet, Reva Tahiti

- International photo competition awards: Festisub, Ocean Geographic, Deep Indonesia, Adex, Our World Underwater, National Geographic

- Photo exhibitions:Festival de Montier en Der 2018, Festival Atout Sud de Nantes 2018, Festival AVES NAMUR 2017, ADEX SINGAPORE 2017,  Festival de l'oiseau et de la nature 2016, Festisub 2015, Blancpain Ocean Commitment 2014

- Polynesian Post Office has created a stamp collection from Vincent's photo, June 2014

- TV shows: Thalassa, 50' inside, Frères de sport, Le paradis des requins


Blancpain Fakarava diving experience

Breitling advertising

Figaro magazine

  • 1889
  • 1889

Terre sauvage

Welt Der wuder

Ocean Planet

Fifty fathoms edition 2014


BBC Wildlife

Paul Watson booklet

EZ DIVE Magazine

Polynesian Post Office stamp collection

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